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Welcome to Restaurant Plan B

Restaurant Plan B - Help

Restaurant Plan B - Help
Restaurant Plan B:
Owning a restaurant is the great American Dream.
At one time or another many of us have sat back and dreamed of opening our own place.
A restaurant, a bistro, a diner, a greasy spoon, a deli, a sandwich shop, a café, a tap, a bar, a grill, a burger stand, an eatery, a hashery, a hideaway, a hotdog stand, an inn, a joint, a luncheonette, a lunchroom, a night club, an outlet, a pizzeria, a saloon, a soda fountain, a watering hole or any other 100's of establishments that serve food and drink to the general public.

Opening the doors and having an instant crowd of fellow citizens that adore and frequent your establishment is a pipe dream that many people get caught up in.
Everyone thinks that they have the next big thing and it will be an instant success.

How hard can it be?
This seems to be the downfall of many who try to open these types of establishments.
If you are here, then perhaps you already have and you're looking for YOUR Plan B.
What do I do next?
Where can I go from here?
What am I doing wrong?
Why is this happening?

Well, this site is dedicated to those have tried and are desperate to move onto "Plan B" for their restaurant.
We offer links and write ups on many books that can help you get from the bottom, back on top.
Tried and test advice from the restaurant industries biggest names. People who have tried, failed and tried again.

Listen to what others in similar situations have to say.

Check out more of Whats Hot!

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Restaurant Plan B - Help

Restaurant Plan B - Help